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Shop COVID -19 Essentials at the Largest South African Medical Retailer
Shop COVID -19 Essentials at the Largest South African Medical Retailer

Clinic & Hospital Supplies

  • from R 77.88

    Syringes Pack of 100

    Disposable Easy to use Lightweight Environmentally safe

    from R 77.88
  • R 52.85

    Alcohol Prep Swabs 200pcs

    For preparation of the skin prior to injection Used to clean small cuts, scrapes, and blisters Individually wrapped to prevent drying out Packed i...

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    R 52.85
  • from R 16.95

    Opsite Post-Op

    Opsite Post-Op offers a high level bacterial barrier Low allergy adhesive reduces the risk of irritation  The pad surface leaves the wound clean a...

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    from R 16.95
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    from R 18.95

    Burnshield Dressings

    A foil pouch containing a foam dressing soaked in sterile gel Absorbs and alleviates heat which minimises burn damage Nonstick gel that will not a...

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    from R 18.95
  • R 333.50

    Gloves Nitrile Powder Free 100 (GH)

    Powder Free Nitrile Gloves are made with premium-grade synthetic nitrile, a latex-free raw material It is ideal for people with latex allergies a...

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    R 333.50
  • R 42.50

    Steri Strips

    Reinforced adhesive skin closures Provides wound support and increases tensile strength Enhances comfort and decreases risk of infection

    R 42.50
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    from R 13.75

    Savlon Antiseptic Liquid

    Savlon Antiseptic Liquid is a powerful antiseptic with anti-bacterial and cleansing properties that make it ideal for home and office use The high...

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    from R 13.75
  • R 238.95

    Gloves Latex Powder Free 100 (GH)

    Latex gloves offer protection against leakage, making them easy to use in wet conditions Latex is also resistant to many chemicals like acid and a...

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    R 238.95
  • R 11.44

    Dr Plaster Assorted Plasters 40 (Stretch Fabric)

    Hypoallergenic latex-free acrylic adhesive fabric Highly absorbent pad with micro-perforated for air permeability For minor cuts and abrasions

    R 11.44
  • R 10.64

    Emergency Rescue Blanket For Adult

    An adult-sized blanket A rescue blanket is a metalized plastic sheet It is able to trap up to 90% of the radiated body heat that would normally be...

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    R 10.64
  • R 25.25

    Tongue Depressors 100pcs

    A tongue depressor is a tool used in medical practice to depress the tongue to allow for examination of the mouth and throat

    R 25.25
  • from R 127.60


    The stretch and conformability of Hypafix® allows the patient greater freedom of movement. Wide-area fixation of the wound dressing reduces the ris...

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    from R 127.60
  • R 63.25

    YMS Spunbond Disposable Gown

    Tie waist No potential fluid contact We offer a complete line of Protective Apparel for both patients and medical staff. Our line includes headwe...

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    R 63.25
  • from R 115.00


    Jelonet is a paraffin gauze dressing which has interlocking threads which minimise fraying when the dressing is cut to shape This dressing also le...

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    from R 115.00
  • R 29.80

    Hospital Gauze Swabs Non Sterile

    Non Sterile Gauze Swabs 8 layer Highly absorbent disposable gauze pads are available in 3 sizes 50mm X 50mm, 75mm X 75mm, 100mm X 100mm 5 per pack

    R 29.80
  • R 196.95

    Gloves Latex Powdered 100 (GH)

    These gloves are made of premium-grade natural rubber latex that has increased tactile comfort and can be worn for long periods of time. Provides ...

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    R 196.95
  • from R 32.38

    YMS Elastic Adhesive Bandage Roll (White)

    Supports and stabilizes joints and muscles during strenuous activities Comfortable on the skin and does not cause chafing Made from latex-free cot...

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    from R 32.38
  • R 34.95

    Scalpel Handle

    The No 3 scalpel handle is for blades under Size.20 Fixed stainless steel handles Made from stainless steel Re-usable

    R 34.95
  • R 28.75

    Eurospec Scratch Resistant Wrapround Spectacles

    A popular design that features a robust frame An anti-scratch coating Clear lens and the frame arms are adjustable at the temple

    R 28.75
  • from R 127.59

    Hypafix Adhesive Tape

    Adhesive non-woven fabric tape 25mm x 10mm 50mm x 10mm

    from R 127.59
  • R 89.70

    Bio Scrub 500ml

    For use on human and animal bodies for disinfection, antiseptic and anti-fungal healing  A disinfectant scrub for hand and body sanitisation Alway...

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    R 89.70
  • R 91.94

    Tissue Forceps with Teeth

    Forceps toothed at the tip used for handling dense tissue, such as in skin closures  20cm

    R 91.94
  • R 165.95

    Patella Hammer

    The patella hammer is used by medical professionals to test tendon reflexes in order to detect abnormalities in the central or peripheral nervous ...

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    R 165.95
  • R 373.80

    Swan Morton No 11

    The No.11 is an elongated triangular blade sharpened along the hypotenuse edge with a strong pointed tip making it ideal for stab incisions needed...

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    R 373.80