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Get all your Medical Essentials at one of South Africas Oldest Medical Wholesalers
Get all your Medical Essentials at one of South Africas Oldest Medical Wholesalers


  • Alcohol Prep Swabs 200pcs

    For preparation of the skin prior to injection Used to clean small cuts, scrapes, and blisters Individually wrapped to prevent drying out Packed i...

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  • All Clear Anti-bacterial Wipes (1000)

    Wipes made of absorbent and recyclable materials The antibacterial disinfectant liquid is included Kills germs and bacteria for a cleaner surface ...

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  • Autoclave Tape

    An adhesive tape used to close sterilization packaging Heating under high pressure with steam to indicate when a specific temperature has been rea...

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  • Batteries Toshiba C

    The C Battery has unique features, such as a higher capacity to weight ratio and less toxic ingredients High quality Safe and reliable Excellent r...

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  • Batteries Toshiba CR2032

    The lithium coin cell or CR2032 battery is used in a wide variety of clinical devices High Capacity 25mAh A Diameter of 12.5mm and height of 1.6mm...

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  • Battery Toshiba AA Single

    Ideal for general purpose use Contains alkaline Sold per unit

  • Battery Toshiba AAA Single

    An alkaline-free battery Sold per unit

  • Bio Scrub 500ml

    For use on human and animal bodies for disinfection, antiseptic and anti-fungal healing  A disinfectant scrub for hand and body sanitisation Alway...

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  • Sale

    Burnshield Dressings


    A foil pouch containing a foam dressing soaked in sterile gel Absorbs and alleviates heat which minimises burn damage Nonstick gel that will not a...

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  • Burnshield Hydrogel 125ml

    A sterile gel that absorbs and dissipates heat which minimises burn damage Provides cooling for pain relief and shock reduction Please enquire ab...

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  • Cetrimide 1% Wound Cleanser


    Prevents infection Strong wound cleanser for initial cleaning but not recommended for routine cleaning of non-infected wounds Ideal for First Aid ...

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  • Coverplast Blue X-Ray Detectable Plasters 100

    X-Ray, electromagnetically and visually detectable waterproof dressings Box contains 100 plasters

  • Coverplast Fabric Plasters 100

    These fabric adhesive dressing do not hurt or cause irritation to the affected area/wound Easy to apply and easy to take off Robust and durable

  • Coverplast Waterproof Plasters 50

    Washable adhesive dressing Box contains 50 plasters

  • Doom Odourless 300ml

    Doom Fresh Multi-insect Spray Odourless 300ml is completely odourless Scientifically proven to kill flying and crawling insects 300ml

  • Dr Plaster Assorted Plasters 40 (Stretch Fabric)

    Hypoallergenic latex-free acrylic adhesive fabric Highly absorbent pad with micro-perforated for air permeability For minor cuts and abrasions

  • ECG Gel 250ml

    Cardiogram conductive gel used on the surface of the skin around ECG Electrodes Non toxic and soluable in water

  • Elastocrepe

    Compression treatment of varicose veins and ulcers Sprains & strains Assisting in rehabilitation following orthopedic treatment Excellent as a...

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  • Emergency Rescue Blanket For Adult

    An adult-sized blanket A rescue blanket is a metalized plastic sheet It is able to trap up to 90% of the radiated body heat that would normally be...

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  • Emergency Rescue Blanket For Infant

    A rescue blanket for infants/small children For use in emergencies

  • Endotracheal Tube Uncuffed

    Provides direct, unimpeded airway for gases to pass to and from the lungs Made from implantation tested, non-toxic siliconised PVC Helps protect d...

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  • Eyeshield

    Conceals eye injury and protects the eye from further injury Helps protect the eye from inflammation and infection Hard-wearing plastic constructi...

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  • Fire Blanket

    Suitable for fires that cannot be extinguished with water Smothers the fire while not melting, burning, or drips Size 1.8m X 1.8m

  • Fogging/Spraying Machine

    High efficiency, uniform droplet, long spray range High-performance motor, reliable and durable Specially designed for large area spraying To be u...

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