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Get all your Medical Essentials at one of South Africas Oldest Medical Wholesalers
Get all your Medical Essentials at one of South Africas Oldest Medical Wholesalers

Topical Preparations

  • Clinica Lubricating Jelly


    Clinica Lubricating Jelly is a universal sterile lubricant recommended for gynecological examinations, digital and instrument examinations, inser...

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  • Emulsifying Ointment 500g

    Emulsifying ointment is used to treat dry skin conditions, such as eczema and dermatitis It can be used as an ointment or instead of soap

  • Centrimide 1% Wound Cleanser

    Prevents infection Strong wound cleanser for initial cleaning but not recommended for routine cleaning of non-infected wounds Ideal for First Aid ...

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  • Benzyl Benzoate 100ml

    An organic compound used as medication and insect repellent

  • Anusol Ointment 25g

    Anusol Ointment contains an applicator that assists in relieving pain and irritation of piles. Soothes itching Reduces swelling

  • Fissan Paste 50g

    Soothes the irritation and redness associated with nappy rash and other skin conditions

  • Centrimide 1% Wound Cleanser 500ml

    Centrimide 1% wound cleanser disinfects wounds, grazes and bruises Ideal for first aid use Does not damage skin

  • Accutane 5% 5L

    A cleansing and sanitizing solution Keep your workplace and home clean and safe from bacteria using the Accutane 5% sanitizing solution

  • Cytological Fix Spray

    Fencott Cytological Fixative is used as a dehydrating agent in the processing of histological (tissue) and cytological (cell) tissue samples for p...

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  • Ascabiol Emulsion 100ml

    Used for the treatment of scabies and body lice

  • Arachis Oil 500ml

    Arachis Oil is useful for reducing acne on the skin and protects the skin from blackheads. Oil also helps prevent and cure dandruff on the scalp D...

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  • Healthy Splash

    SABS tested hand sanitizer with natural ingredients Leaves no sticky hands Kills 99% of harmful germs

  • Mycota Powder 50g


    Mycota prevents and treats athlete’s foot Contains agents that help destroy the fungi responsible for athlete’s foot, as well as other fungal-caus...

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